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Weclcome to MK Business Directory we would like to Introduce you to the benefits of our Online Business Directory. We are focused on building your business using the Internet. Helping customers to find your business and what you have to sell is just one part of our service. 

Bringing the power of Pay-per-Click to your business.

An important part of the MK Business Directory is setting up a Pay-per Click campaign using keywords and phrases that describe what you do or what you sell,so customers looking for specific products and services using a search engines can be directed to you. If you sign up to one of our monthly packages we will kick off your campaign with 100 guaranteed keyword clicks. That means a 100 click throughs to your web site with the keywords you have picked.  

Harness the power of the internet    

MK Business Directory is the latest innovation as an Internet resources we recognise that Clients want to direct customers to what they sell, and they want to use the Internet to grow their businesses. Our Online Business has that clear focus, we bring together provenInternet marketing tools, and makes them available to all Clients.   

If you need to contact us please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or call us on 01908721053 or Mobil: 07807488515